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For decades the best portfolio management solutions have been available only to pension funds, endowments, and individuals with recognizable last names.  We bring active, sophisticated and intelligent portfolio management to clients who deserve it – all of them.  We believe that the difference between a ‘customer’ and a ‘client’ is the duration of the business relationship.  Our goal is to maintain strong, long-term relationships with our clients during which we serve as an integral part of their current and future prosperity.

Utilizing both correlated and non-correlated asset classes, we provide each client with access to a wide variety of investment options, tailoring each individual solution to meet specific objectives. In addition, we pay special attention to after-tax returns and yields.

Portfolios may consist of:

– Index Funds/ETFs
– Individual Securities (Stocks and Bonds)
– Publicly Traded Partnerships (i.e. Master Limited Partnerships or “MLPs”)
– Alternative Investments

Who we serve:

– Retirees and those nearing retirement
– Business Owners & Corporate Executives
– Corporate and Individual Retirement Plans
– Young Professionals
– Multi-generational Estates
– Individuals with Concentrated Position Risk

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