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NYTimes: Argyle Capital Partners profiled in “The Death of Equities Seems Exaggerated,”  11/13/2012

“So for all the talk that Wall Street chicanery or the market’s gyrations have killed investors’ appetite for equities, Americans’ commitment to stocks has been remarkably strong.

“If your time frame is 10 years or more,” said Adam B. Scott, founder of Argyle Capital Partners, a financial adviser in Los Angeles, “you’re better off in stocks.”


Dow Jones: Argyle Capital Partners profiled in “When a Client Balks at a New Fee Structure,”  9/19/2012

“Adam Scott and Josh Rudoy are experienced financial advisers and longtime colleagues who had discussed starting their own firm for years…..

“The transition introduced one big change for clients. The new firm used a fee-only rate structure, which Mr. Scott and Mr. Rudoy thought would be an easy sell. The payment model offered significantly lower fees for many clients, compared with a commission-based fee structure. But the pair were surprised when one of their first, and biggest, clients balked at the proposal.”